Electricity Supply

Power for Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy does not get its power from the national electricity grid, as most people in Australia do. Power is generated by a stand-alone Hybrid Diesel / Wind / Solar System.

Coober Pedy purchases its power from Energy Developments Ltd (EDL) via a power purchase agreement.

The distribution and retailing of power is performed by Council.

If you require power to be connected to a property you need to contact the council office on (08) 8672 4600 or email dccp@cpcouncil.sa.gov.au.


Energy tariffs, fees and charges are subsidized by the South Australian government under the Remote Areas Energy Supplies (RAES) scheme.

The RAES scheme aligns domestic and commercial tariffs to the average of standing offers from electricity retailers supplying to the South Australia on-grid market.



If you are experiencing a power outage due to the deficiency in the Council’s supply system please do not hesitate to call the numbers below:


Electricity Supply On-Call Operator #1: 0417 814 617

Electricity Supply On-Call Operator #2: 0407 726 573

DCCP Electricity Distribution Manager: 0407 617 301


*Please not that a Call-Out Fee of $366 will be applied where the fault occurs on the consumer’s side of the meter or is not a fault due to the deficiency in Council’s supply system.



Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Project

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Financial Hardship Information 

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Energy Saving Information 

Remote Areas Energy Supplies (RAES)

Electricity Tariffs

Applicable from 1 November 2017


Domestic from 1 November 2017  
Supply Charge 88.91 (cents/day)
First 3.288 kWh per day (300 kWh per quarter)  36.34c


Industrial and General from 1 November 2017  
Supply Charge 96.43 (cents/day)
First 3.288 kWh per day (2,500 kWh per quarter) 40.95c
Next 7.671 kWh per day (22,500 kWh per quarter) 41.44c
All additional kWh per day 41.58c


State Govt Agencies  

Supply Charge

96.43 (cents/day)
All kWh per day 75.00c


C'wealth Govt Agencies  
Supply Charge 96.43 (cents/day)
All kWh per day 75.00c


Remote Areas Energy Supplies (RAES) 

Public Lighting Charges 

Applicable from 1 November 2017  

Type of Light $/month (incl GST)
Sodium LP (low pressure)  
90 Watt 19.18
135 Watt 22.32
Sodium HP (high pressure)  
50 Watt 12.61
100 Watt 19.93
150 Watt 20.64
250 Watt 30.72
Mercury HP (high pressure)  
80 Watt 12.13
250 Watt 25.89
400 Watt 35.09
40 Watt 13.42
42 Watt (compact) 13.19
160 Watt (4x40) 25.02
Telephone Booth Fluorescent 19.96
20 Watt
Light Emitting Diode (LED) 8.16
20 x 1.3 Watt