Water Service


Coober Pedy produces and reticulates its own water.

The water is bought in from a bore 25km North East of Coober Pedy on the Oodnadatta road via a pipeline.

The water is then processed through a Desalination/Reverse Osmosis Plant.  The water quality is of an outstanding level.  This means that the water can be consumed without more consumer intervention.


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Water Charges

Tarrif rates are as follows:

Access Charges (Charged on Rates Notice)

Vacant Land


Business with usage last year less that 300 kl

Business with usage last year over 300 kl






Water Usage Charge (Charges monthly for Business and bi-monthly for Residential)

Up to 50kls per year

51 to 300kls per year

301 and above

$4.98 per kl

$6.66 per kl

$7.82per kl



Customer Charter for Water and Waste Water Customers