S.A.C.S.A Early Years Planning Cycle

Belonging, being and becoming 

The Early years learning framework describe the practices, principals and outcomes that support and enhance young children’s learning from Birth to 5 years of age as well as their transition to school.  The Framework is a key component of the National Quality Framework for Early childhood Education and Care.


At Mini Gems Educators work towards:

  • A clear focus on children’s learning and wellbeing
  • A shared language for curriculum in the Early Childhood field
  • A base for planning, promoting and assessing learning.
  • Improved quality in Early childhood settings
  • Cultural security for aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children and their families.
  • Including families and community in children’s learning.


At Mini Gems we plan our program using the following basis, our philosophy which encompasses our values, beliefs and ethics by gathering information from observations, reflections, family input, art work, photographic evidence.  This information is then used in individual and group programs to provide opportunity for all children to achieve the learning outcomes.


We design learning experiences in partnership with children and families and assess strategies, processes and experiences.  We implement plans through using ideas, documentation and critical reflection


Some of our celebrations include...

  • Anzac Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Families Week
  • Father’s Day
  • Science Week
  • NAIDOC week
  • Easter/Christmas celebration.


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Casey Jeffree
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