Budget 2006/2007

Each year Council passes a budget for the up coming year.  This usually happen between June and August of each year.  This budget spells out what programs and projects Council will be embarking on the following year.

Below is a list of the capital works projects that Council will be performing this year.

  • Software for Road & Services Design $10,000
  • Electricity Software upgrade $45,000
  • Sewerage Mains Extension $38,100
  • New Crib Room $50,000
  • New Telephone System $45,000
  • Data Connectivity $54,000
  • New Backhoe $143,000
  • Replacement Vehicles $77,000
  • Roler for Grader $26,000
  • Distribution Upgrade $130,000

Budget Documents 2006/2007

Below is a list budget documents that are for the 2006/2007 Budget year.

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